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Let us jam and feed our soul the music that can soothe and relax the mind. The structures and harmonious manner of each song gives us deeper realizations in life. Music is food for the soul and cure for the broken.

Music Genre

A classification of system that deals with different instructional materials that is laid into neat categories that can help the music conductor to choose what to use and when to use. It is the art of auditory communication that incorporates the instruments and vocal tones in a structured and harmonious manner. This is a way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings integrating it to a variety of facets of music in which it is based on a musical composition.

Music for the Soul

Music soothes the soul, but how? Do you also wonder? Is it the tempo of the music? The lyrics of which message it wants to relay? Do any audio gadgets help improving the experience? Or is it the rhythm that calms your nerves, soothes the soul? Perhaps, it is the combination of those aspects. Music speaks to us, it generates powerful emotions to all of us who are listening. Each song tells a story as you internally associate it to yourself, that is why it soothes the soul.

Country Music

This genre of music is formed simply with string instruments and can be integrated with ballads and dance tunes. This form of music originated from the rural south of the United States, this genre typically conveys romance or melancholic ballads accompanied by an acoustic or electric guitar, keyboard or any type of string instrument. With commercialization, country music has been strongly influenced and became popular to the music industry. Pop music was then introduced and replaced the traditional instruments yet it retained a remarkable character.


A genre and musical form that originated from the Deep South of the United States by African Americans. It is believed to be anchored on the roots of African musical traditions, African-American work songs, spirituals and folk music, African-American work songs, spirituals and folk music. It is characterized with the uniqueness of its lyrics, bass lines and instrumentals that incorporate the spirituals, work songs, shouts, chants and narrative ballads. It is closely related to religious music which ended slavery.

Classical Music

This genre of music originated from the traditions of Western music. During the classical era, the musicians often use Baroque stringed instruments. The most talented of this period were Mozart and Haydn, where orchestration or instrumentation became standardized. The classical instrumentation consists of violins, violas, violoncellos, and double basses, two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two or four horns, two trumpets and two timpani. Haydn’s music was strongly defined as the briefest intelligence and contained a fragment of a musical theme or subject. Haydn’s music became the musical building block of the classical period. Mozart was greatly responsible for the great strides in the creation of music through instrumentation, the most beautifully orchestrated work of Mozart is his last two symphonies. Mozart has been the master of piano and orchestra combination. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has a tear jerking music entitled Requiem Mass in D Minor. The most well known of Mozart’s composition is the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, it is associated with a film of Milos Forman entitled Amadeus. Yes, it is tear jerking but you have to know that Mozart composed this music to dispose of a happy mood. Ludwig Beethoven was also a star of the classical era, he composed Symphony 5 that opened a few notes on the Morse Code during the World War II. Beethoven, among all composers and musician during the classical era, he was greatly considered to be the most famous and most influential. He quotes that music is the higher revelation than philosophy and the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life.

Pop Music

Popular music is a type of mainstream music that begun in its cutting edge shape in the United States and the United Kingdom amid the mid-1950s. The terms “prevalent music” and “popular music” are regularly utilized reciprocally, in spite of the fact that the previous portrays all music that is well known and incorporates many styles. “Pop” and “shake” were synonymous terms until the late 1960s when they were progressively utilized as a part of restriction from each other. Albeit popular music is viewed as quite recently the singles outlines, it is not the whole of all graph music. Popular music is mixed, and frequently acquires components from different styles, for example, urban, move, shake, Latin, and nation; in any case, there are center components that characterize popular music. Recognizing elements incorporate by and large short to medium-length tunes written in a fundamental organization (regularly the verse-chorale structure), and additionally the normal utilization of rehashed ensembles, melodic tunes, and snares. The primary medium of popular music is the tune, regularly in the vicinity of more than two and three and a half minutes long, by and large set apart by a predictable and observable cadenced component, a standard style and a basic customary structure. Basic variations incorporate the verse-tune shape and the thirty-two-bar frame, with an attention on tunes and appealing snares, and an ensemble that complexities melodically, musically and pleasingly with the verse. The beat and the songs have a tendency to be straightforward, with constrained consonant backup. The verses of present day pop melodies regularly concentrate on straightforward subjects – frequently love and sentimental connections – in spite of the fact that there are outstanding special cases.